It’s Time for You to Find a Path to a More Fulfilling Life

Counseling for Adults, Parents, Teens and Pre-teens


  • Do you find yourself feeling down, overwhelmed or out of sorts due to life’s challenges?
  • Are you struggling with the daily demands of work, family, or relationships?
  • Are you a college student feeling unsettled and anxious about the academic year and worried about your future?
  • As a parent, are you concerned about how your teen or pre-teen is handling stresses at home, at school, or with peers?

None of us are immune to life’s challenges. Sometimes those challenges can leave us feeling drained or on-edge. At other times, feeling this way can mean we’re depressed or anxious. Finding a way out of this maze of emotion, stress, self-doubt or dissatisfaction can sometimes be too difficult to navigate on our own. Whether you are concerned about yourself or your child, counseling can help either of you to get back to a place of contentment.

Path to a Better Life - Carol Sampson LCSWLet me help you, your teen or pre-teen move forward to a more joyful and satisfying life. To help you overcome difficulties, I offer a practical, solution-focused approach, combined with efforts to address the underlying causes of your concerns. With my empathetic, nonjudgmental attitude and desire to help achieve your goals, you or your child will feel supported and encouraged. Clients appreciate my collaborative and engaging style, and warm sense of humor.

For over fifteen years I’ve been helping adults, parents, teens and pre-teens feel better about themselves and their lives by addressing some of the following issues.

Developing New Coping Skills

At times the way we problem-solve or meet challenges stops giving us the results we want. When it comes to pre-­teens and teens, they may have not yet developed the skills they need to navigate life’s ups and downs. Counseling can support you or your child in acquiring new coping skills. Healthy coping skills build resilience that comes in handy whenever life gets tough.

Managing Anxiety

While some anxiety can motivate you into action, you may notice when your anxiety mounts and becomes disruptive. You may be consumed by worries, be irritable, and experience physical symptoms. Counseling can help you or your child manage anxiety in order to feel grounded and to live life with greater ease. Working together, we’ll help you get direct symptom relief by focusing on mindfulness. We’ll also work to discover the sources of your anxiety so we can find ways to help you better cope, now and over time.

Overcoming Depression

We all experience some degree of sadness in our lives, which may be connected to disappointment, loss or grief. Sometimes that feeling of sadness can go on too long until it freezes us, leaving us unable to keep pace with our lives. Counseling can help you or your child find a way out of depression. Together, we’ll sift through the concerns that have become so overwhelming and work to get you back on track, feeling better about yourself and able to move ahead in a positive direction.

Adjusting to Change

Like it or not, life is all about change, and sometimes those changes can be difficult. Whether you’re graduating college, having a baby, divorcing or grieving the loss of a loved one, you may find yourself struggling to adapt. When it comes to teens and pre-teens, the process of growing up is filled with transitions and new experiences. Counseling can help you or your child sort through the range of different emotions that transitions evoke and offers support to help you handle new situations.

Strengthening Relationships

While relationships contribute to our happiness, they can be complicated. Today’s technology can make teens’ and pre-teens’ social lives stressful and difficult. Adults may struggle to build meaningful relationships or may be caught up in unproductive patterns of relating. Counseling can help build healthy connections. Together we’ll help identify and overcome what’s getting in you or your child’s way so you can get more of what you want and need from relationships.

Confident Parenting

Parenting is one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs there is. The joys of parenthood may be replaced by feelings of frustration, anger or disappointment when your child doesn’t behave in ways you’d prefer or unexpected issues arise. Counseling can help you gain perspective to deal with these challenges and to build a strong relationship with your child.

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