About Carol Sampson

Carol Sampson LCSW Fairfield CTMy career has always focused on fostering positive change—in people, organizations and through public policy. Before becoming a psychotherapist, I worked for various government and non-profit organizations, where I worked on legislation to protect the environment, promoted an international exchange program for high school students, and trained civic leaders. I was raised on Long Island and lived in Washington, DC and New York City before moving to Fairfield County.

Before starting my private practice, I worked exclusively with at-risk teens and their families at the Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program at St. Vincent’s Behavioral Health Services in Norwalk CT.  While there, I provided group, individual and family therapy. I currently see adults, teens and pre-teens in my Southport CT office.

My decision to embark on a career in counseling evolved as a natural transition from my previous interests. Having spent my earlier career bringing about change at the national and community level, I became more interested in helping people directly, on a deeply personal level. It’s been over ten years, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the path my career has taken.

My Perspective

I believe that many of the struggles adults face are caused by the stories others tell us and the stories we tell ourselves that we carry from our past. These stories can contain limiting beliefs about ourselves and others, and can place us in roles that are difficult to shed. Many adults feel constrained by other people’s expectations, but are nonetheless caught in a cycle of wanting to please others at the expense of their own happiness. The result can be dissatisfaction, despair, anxiety and frustration.

Teens and pre-teens, on the other hand, are trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in, while struggling with pressures at home, in school and with peers. For teens and pre-teens, these challenges can sometimes become overwhelming. They can make them feel hopeless, irritable, and anxious and cause them to shut down or behave in self-destructive ways.

My Approach

My counseling style is collaborative and interactive, with a warm dose of humor. Strengthening family connections is always a top priority when I am working with kids. I am also committed to helping you confront challenges in your personal relationships, work, family and daily life.

My treatment approach is tailored to best serve you or your child’s needs. As appropriate, I draw upon mindfulness and psychodynamic, family systems and cognitive behavioral therapies. Although theory helps me understand and respond to your treatment needs, our counseling relationship is key to the success of therapy.  I am dedicated to helping you get prompt relief, while striving to equip you with new strategies and perspectives, along with enhanced self-awareness, so that the gains you achieve in therapy are lasting.

I can help you, your teen or pre-teen reach your potential, support you in focusing on what’s truly important to you, realize how you can best get your needs met and live the life you’ve envisioned. Being secure with your feelings, beliefs and values will help you feel grounded and more confident. You will feel better about yourself and your relationships with others.


I am a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Connecticut. I earned my Master’s of Social Work at New York University. Subsequently, I pursued post-graduate training, earning a certificate in child and adolescent psychotherapy from the Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy.  I also have Master’s in Public Administration from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s of Art from Connecticut College. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact Carol here!