Adult Counseling

Given the demands of work, family, personal relationships and other life stressors, it can be difficult to find time to focus on your own needs. Perhaps you’re not feeling like yourself lately, are more overwhelmed than usual, or have a general sense of dissatisfaction with your day-to-day life. Maybe you’re struggling as a result of a new life challenge or are ready to confront a longstanding concern. Whatever the case, you want relief from your emotional distress. Whether you’re a professional focused on your career, a parent raising kids or facing an empty nest, or a young adult finding your way in the world, adult counseling can help you feel better about yourself and your relationships, and can help you live life with greater ease and clarity.

In a safe, supportive environment, where you can freely access and express your thoughts and feelings without the distractions and interruptions, we will work together to help you overcome your challenges to achieve greater satisfaction in life. Over the years, I’ve provided adult counseling for clients struggling with many different concerns, such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks or constant worry
  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Grief and loss
  • Parenting issues
  • Relationship concerns
  • Work and career related issues

Adult Counseling Carol Sampson Fairfield CTIn our counseling sessions, we will work collaboratively to help you identify your goals and develop strategies to achieve them. We will build upon your strengths and what works well for you. We will also uncover areas of dissatisfaction and discover new possibilities for greater fulfillment.

I draw upon a variety of therapeutic approaches to address your symptoms and problems. With treatment designed to meet your specific needs, we’ll find the approach that’s best for you. While therapeutic techniques are important, what’s most important is my relationship with you.

Our Counseling Relationship

While I may sometimes offer practical advice, I typically won’t tell you what to do. Instead, my role as your counselor is to help you to tap into and build upon your own strengths and resources. I believe the value of adult counseling can go beyond relief of your immediate symptoms and distress. Successful therapy can also bring about lasting growth and change that continues to be part of your life, long after our therapy relationship has ended.

Often we can’t see what’s right in front of us. There are times when something may be bothering you, but you’re not really sure what the issue is. As your therapist, my role is to help you uncover those issues with sensitivity and compassion, adding new perspective and supporting you in gaining an awareness of exactly what’s bothering you and why. Once we have this understanding, we will work together to develop solutions that address your particular concerns.

Speaking with a counselor is different than talking with a friend or family member. My role in the counseling relationship is to focus solely on your needs, offering you support in meeting your goals and guidance to facilitate the growth and change that you want. Counselors like me listen with empathy and an objective and nonjudgmental attitude. You can trust the privacy of our discussions because our conversations are protected by confidentiality. In this safe environment you will have the opportunity to speak freely, exploring how to make your career, friendships, family relations or life in general more gratifying.

Adult Counseling, Carol Sampson, Fairfield CTConfronting issues that make you uncomfortable can be difficult. What I offer you, in addition to my clinical insight and knowledge, is compassion; an understanding of what you’re thinking and feeling that comes from your point of view. In my experience, this kind of non-judgmental acceptance provides you with the courage to discuss the tough issues in your life. We will go at your pace, addressing your immediate concerns. We will only move onto more challenging concerns when you are ready. Perhaps in the past you’ve tried to ignore certain feelings because they felt too big to handle, but you’ve noticed that those feelings continue to tug at you. Maybe you’ve had painful or even traumatic experiences from which you have never healed. You may be engaging in behaviors that are not in your best interests, hurting yourself and others. Choosing to confront these issues within the safety of a confidential

therapeutic relationship can help you gain control over different aspects of your life. With more control over your life, you will feel better and be able to move forward in positive ways.

One of the reasons people feel stuck in their lives and have a sense that things won’t ever change is they are repeating old patterns of behavior. Not only do they not realize they are repeating those patterns, but those patterns may not even be useful in their current situation. People also feel stuck because of their negative self-talk, as well as the limiting beliefs about themselves and others that they carry from their past. My role as your counselor is to help you recognize those repeated patterns and limiting beliefs and understand how the way you relate to people and respond to problems may no longer be serving you. What I do is help you look at situations from a different perspective. Raising your awareness and considering new ways of managing your relationships and life circumstances help you to see more options, giving you the opportunity to free yourself from being stuck.

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