Dealing with Depression

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News of the recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain is a painful reminder that our public selves can differ significantly from our private selves.  Kate Spade, with her stylish, practical and whimsical styles, helped women feel chic and attractive.  Anthony Bourdain shared with us his love of food, travel, and the fascinating locals [...]

More About My Work With Adults

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I love my practice because I have the opportunity to work with people across the life span, from children to adults.  From a clinical perspective, my background in child and adolescent psychotherapy  enhances my work with adults.  Here are some of the reasons why. Some of the adults I see in my practice have children – [...]

Does Your Child Need Counseling?

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When Your Child May Need Counseling It is never easy for parents to admit that their child may have an emotional problem, such as anxiety or depression, and could benefit from counseling. If your child had a physical illness, like diabetes,  tests would clearly reveal that medical treatment was necessary to safeguard his or her health. Emotional [...]

Help Your Teen Transition from High School to College

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The Stress of College Preparation As a psychotherapist who treats adolescents, I have been thinking a lot about the stresses students face when they near the transition from high school to college. Parents and students typically focus on the college application process. They plot timetables for standardized tests, research schools and plan college visits. But [...]

Communicating With Your Teen

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Parenting is a tough job, especially during the teen years.  Your once cuddly child may be distant, temperamental, and eager to spend more time with friends than with you.  While your child may be pushing you away physically and emotionally and treating you like you are not needed, your steady presence is vital to your [...]

Parenting With Empathy

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Parents often ask me, “How can I best support my child or teen?”  My response, “Be empathic”  Listen to what your kid has to say, try to understand her feelings, and view the situation from her perspective.  You don’t have to share your child’s feelings or agree with them.  What is important is that you [...]

Is Your Teen Depressed?

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It can be difficult for parents to acknowledge that their teen may be depressed.  Here in Fairfield County parents work hard to provide their children with a quality education, extra-curricular activities, and material possessions.  It can be hard to accept that their kids may be struggling emotionally, despite the benefits afford them. Parents may look [...]

Tips for Parenting Your Anxious Child

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If you want to help your teen or child deal with anxiety, you are not alone.  As many as one in eight school children suffer from an anxiety disorder.  Anxiety is among the most common reasons people seek counseling. Everyone experiences anxiety at some point.  Though it doesn’t feel good, anxiety is a response to [...]